Tips for Using Recyclable Materials in Your Building Plans

The use of recycled materials in green homes and buildings proves to be one of the most common ways to show sustainability. Aside from economic benefits, seeing recycled or salvaged materials never fail to imbibe feel-good factor to ones mood. Here are some tips on how some recycled materials can be incorporated in your green home.

Recycled woods are as effective as finished wood but they are generally cheaper in terms of cost. Recycled woods aside from structural uses in walls and windows can seamlessly find uses in drawers, cabinets, and shelves.

Old newspapers should not only find its way into paper mache. In fact, they can be used as insulation. Carton egg trays an also serve this very same purpose. Hundreds of dollars can be saved from your pockets with this simple act.

Raid your kitchen of empty wine bottles and mason jars. If you think that they can be used only as pen holders and organizers of tiny tots, you’ll be surprised that they can actually be used to build a house. Search for various inspirations of the internet and see that there is actually a wine farm in Australia which used abu 13500 wine bottles to design water-heating facility. Similarly, there is a Canadian man who used 25000 wine bottles to design his house.

Dating back to the 1900s, empty wine bottles have found various uses in construction of homes. In the United States, you can find several homes which have walls with embedded bottles on them. The idea is like hitting two birds in one stone as it serves aesthetic and structural purposes.

Reimagine your bathroom by using sea-sourced materials. If you’re living near the shorelines, then it is a very wise idea to use natural materials you can find and pick from them. Shells and pebbles of various colors, shapes, and sizes can be perfect inclusions in the walls and floors of your bathroom. Isn’t this idea very refreshing to embrace? This one can also save you from the usual high costs of bathroom tiles in home depots.

Sustainable living is an idea which one may find very difficult to embrace and carry out. But with proper thinking and inspiration, it is actually an endeavor that can become an easy reality. Start exercising your environment-friendly minds. And always remember that your very own household bins can become first-hand sources of recycled materials you can actually use to realize a green home.

Wood Storage Shed Plans – Information You Need Before Building a Wood Storage Shed

Using wood storage shed plans to build a unit you can use is not too difficult if you know what to look for. Not all plans come with enough detail to allow people to build a wood storage shed on their own. Here are some tips and advice as to what to look for when researching your plans.

  • Are the plans simply drawings, or are there detail blueprints also included? Many wood storage shed plans are really nothing more than a drawing with limited dimensional information. What good is a drawing if you can not decipher what it is trying to tell you? Make sure your plans include detail schematics and blueprints so you can clearly see the dimensions of the structure
  • Is a list of building materials required included? Nothing can be more frustrating than getting a set of prints, and then not clearly knowing what materials are needed to complete the job. Is the roof made of wood, or aluminum? Should the sides be made of different lumber than the support structure? These questions should be clearly answered with a list of building materials that you can take to your local hardware store to gather. Without this information, you may find yourself completely confused with your wood storage shed plans.
  • What about tools needed to complete a unit using your wood storage shed plans? A set of plans is really nothing more than a tease if you have to rent special equipment or buy special tools to complete your building. The biggest draw to these do it yourself storage unit projects is to save considerable cost over hiring a contractor or buying pre built sheds.

Using wood storage shed plans to complete your project is most certainly the right way to go. Just ensure that the plans you use are clear and complete to avoid frustration after you have started your project. Done correctly, you can easily build and enjoy these sheds for years to come.