Home Business Tips – What Will Make Your Best Year Ever?

Each year as I build my home business I realize there are many reasons why each year just keeps getting better and better.  Here are just a few of my new beliefs about myself and my home business.

  1. I understand the power of the second and have developed the expectation attitude
  2. I have become fanatical about my own dream.  Just like I am a fan of the Chicago Cubs, I now get as excited and enthusiastic about my dream
  3. We all brush our teeth on a daily basis, I now understand the importance of a daily heart wash.  There is so much negative in our daily lives that our hearts need to have the positive put back in and reinforced daily.
  4. Here is one of my favorites from John Di Lemme; resolution vs resutlation, I gladly choose new results over resolutions every day.  How many people live up to their New Years resolutions?  I now choose the actions for the results I want.  (resultation)
  5. I act abnormal, normal makes you one of the 97% of people who are dead or dead broke at the age of 65.  It will get you nowhere.  When people call me abnormal I give them a hug and say “Thank You Very Much!”.
  6. The power of my life print, it goes on everything I do.  It is why I wrote the eBook called “How To Fire Your Boss & Have Him Hate To See You Go”.  
  7. I have been cultivating the giving habit ever since I won the coin toss at work and had to lead the United Way Campaign for our division.  It is not  just about the money, it is the attitude of gratitude and what you can do with the money.  That is why our goal is to sponsor 1,000 children with The Plan.
  8. Event attendees become millionaires, learning events that is.  We have been attending one event per quarter, learning tons about building a home business and it is paying off.
  9. Face the fear, this one needs to be one of the first on your list.  The only place that fear exists is in our heads so I do what ever I can to “F”ace It, “E”xtinguish It, “A”ttack It, and “R”eturn FEAR.
  10. When I started to understand the power of the question it was not in the questions I asked other people it is the questions I asked myself.  When I started questioning my own behaviour and habits lights started to go on!  Things began to change and definitely for the better.

There really is no magic one thing that is going to explode your home business,  you need them all.  I wasted a lot of time in the beginning looking for that one magic thing that was going to make everything Good!  Hopefully by reading this article you can benefit from my mistakes and realize that bit by bit by bit as you develop all of these habits you too will see your life get even better.

How to Build a Home Business With Incentive Vacation Certificates

Incentive vacation certificates- also referred to as free travel vouchers- provide an excellent opportunity for both experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs to build a home-based business with little to no investment required. In fact, because the market for these no-cost coupons is still virtually untapped, there exists real potential to achieve significant success by distributing these products. Formal training or education in marketing or sales fields is not needed because any person with a little ambition and part time availability can earn a respectable income distributing free travel vouchers.

Not many people understand what incentive vacation certificates are; let alone that they can be used to start a home-based business. This is because it’s hard for most to imagine why an airline company or hotel would possibly want to give away free tickets or reservations. However, what many don’t realize is that these companies still profit when they give these coupons away: the recipients will still probably buy additional services or upgrades from the airline or buy merchandise and food from the airport. Hotels know that free guests will almost certainly spend money in their gift shops or eateries. Therefore, it makes sense to give these otherwise-unused seats and rooms away instead of earning nothing. After all, the vast majority of seats and reservations go unsold except during peak times.

How do you get free travel vouchers? It’s actually quite simple. Airlines and hotel companies contract with certain outside companies who are permitted to offer these coupons to the public under very specific conditions. These companies in turn offer printing rights to consumers. Buyers can elect between free airfare vouchers, free hotel stays and complete combination packages, although each has different terms and conditions that must be met. Once you buy the printing rights (very inexpensive, typically $10 to $25 for unlimited rights) your name or company information will be printed on the coupons along with a unique code that identifies you to the issuer.

Once you’ve printed some vouchers you can give them away for free or sell them- either way you’ll earn money when your customer redeems. Some people find little value in free things and so marketers actually sell the vouchers to their clients, while other people can’t resist the thought of a free vacation and so redeem certificates in droves. Generally speaking this is a product that is appealing to any demographic, so targeting consumers is relatively easy. Whether you charge for your products or not, you’ll need to market them using one or a combination of the following marketing tactics:

*Your own travel-related website or blog

*Blog commenting and social bookmarking

*Article directory submissions

*Email campaigns


*Direct mail

With an initial investment cost of $10 or less, capital can be retained for any of these marketing methods. However, you can also market free travel vouchers at next to no cost simply by purchasing a.info domain and using free software to build a website hosted on a free server. You can then write articles yourself and submit them to article directories and drive traffic to them with blog commenting and social bookmarking- all of which can be done for free.

A home-based business distributing free travel vouchers is completely scalable. You can start off by only purchasing printing rights to airfare coupons and experiment with marketing those. As the number of consumers redeeming your certificates increase you can use the money earned to purchase additional printing rights- like a two-night hotel stay. Over time, you can offer both the airline seats and hotel reservations as part of a package. You can even buy rights to 8 night resort vouchers.

Distributing free travel vouchers is one of the few home-based businesses that anyone can get involved in that actually works. Even if you’re already a successful internet or affiliate marketer, you can use no-cost vacation certificates to diversify your income streams with little investment and passive efforts- especially if you already have article marketing or other strategies in place.

If you have $13 for printing rights and a cheap.info domain name, you can get started immediately with your own home-based business.